Indonesian-made micro-satellite to be launched

09 Nov


Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Some 30 years after buying its first satellite – Palapa A-I – which was mainly a product of foreign tchnology, Indonesia is finally to launch a self-made micro satellite in the second or third week of October, an Indonesian official said.

Dr Adi Sadewo, National Aviation and Outer Space Agency (LAPAN)chief, made the annoucement after a working meeting with the Research and Technology Minister, top officials of non-departmental government agencies and members of the House of Representatives Commission VII here on Monday.

“This satellite will carry with it a video camera directly controlled from the ground and it will provide real-time results, whereas the satellite technology installed so far only allows the satellite to function as an imager, the results of which can be seen only after one or two weeks,” he said.

The manufacturing of the micro satellite the design of which was done by German experts had been completed and the satellite had also been taken to Isro in India to be launched together with India`s satellite “Carthosat-2”.

After the LAPAN-made satellite has been put into orbit, it can be used to monitor natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, he said.

As to the cost, LAPAN only spent about Rp10 billion on its manufacturing in Indonesia, while the country had to pay hundreds of billions of rupiah for the Palapa satellite.

The second stage satellite Indonesia would launch in the future would be a long-distance censor emphasizing practical uses as it would be able to support national food resilience programs, Adi said.

“At present, we are at the stage of analysis and hopefully the manufacturing of the seond-stage satellite can be completed in 2009/2010,” he said.

Sumber : Antara

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