P2 APC POLICE (Armored Personnel Carrier)

04 Dec

Ranpur buatan lokal, buatan PT SSE

P2 APC POLICE (Armored Personnel Carrier)

P2 APC Police

P2 APC POLICE (Armored Personnel Carrier) – Description


*  P2 APC is designed for personnel carrier and assault mission.
*  P2 APC has high mobility, equipped with advance technology of communication device and weapon system.
*  It has sufficient ergonomically space for 10 persons with equipment.


*  P2 APC is designed in light weight concept, with high versatile to achieve high mobility and agility. It is built in monocoque body (hull), and has high ground clearance.
*  Low noise operation.
*  There are four manholes for escape & also could be equipped with cupola.
*  P2 APC able to climb about 32° of gradient angle (60%).


*  Smoke Grenade Launchers to cover up opponents’ weapon targeting.
*  The body structure has protected from infantry and machine gun attack.
*  The body structured was designed for impact resistance and twist at 3g.

P2 APC POLICE (Armored Personnel Carrier) – SPECIFICATION

P2 APC Police Spesification

Source: SSE

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One response to “P2 APC POLICE (Armored Personnel Carrier)

  1. Nahar Din

    August 28, 2011 at 8:25 am

    sebenarnya RI mampu membuat panser bertekhnologi tinggi… perlu dingat panser adalah sasaran empuk pesawat anti tank…untuk itu sy saran ciptakan tank siluman yg terbaca oleh sensor pesawat tempur lawan.


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