15 Dec

Berikut adalah spesifikasi dan foto F-16A/B Fighting Falcon yg dimiliki  TNI AU

Sumber: Air Force Technologydan Indoflyer

f16 full loaded

Wingspan 10m
Length 15m
Height 5m

Empty Weight 8,500kg

Type 1 x P&W F100-PW-200/220/229 or General Electric F110-GE-100/129
Thrust 29,000lb

Maximum Speed  1,500mph (Mach 2)
Maximum Altitude In excess of 15,000m (50,000ft)
Range More than 2,000 miles ferry range (1,740nm)

g limit
In excess of 9g

Featured Suppliers:
Data Device Corporation – Electronic Components for the Air Force and Military Markets
Hybricon Corporation – Enclosures, Backplanes and Custom Engineered Solutions for Military Applications
L-3 Link Simulation & Training – Flight Simulators, Training Services, Aircraft Contractor Logistics Support
Presagis – Software Solutions for Embedded Display Graphics and Custom Simulations
Saft, Industrial Batteries Group – Aircraft Batteries
Ultra Electronics BCF – Military and Civil Aircraft Test Equipment
Vicor – Military COTS Power Component Solutions

F-16 mulai dioperasikan oleh TNI AU sejak tahun 1989, persenjataan yang diusungnya adalah Sidewinder untuk air to air missile, Maverick dan bom

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