Sukhoi 30 MK TNI AU

16 Dec

Berikut adalah spesifikasi dan foto Su-30MK yg dimiliki  TNI AU

Sumber: KnAAPO , dan Sukhoi

su 30 mk tni au

Su-30MK basic performances
Double-seat fighter
Engines type 2 x АL-31F
Thrust, kgf 2 x 12500
Length, m 21.9
Wing span, m 14.7
Height, m 6.4

Takeoff weight, kg:
normal 24900
max. 34500
limit 38800

Fuel capacity, kg 9640
Combat load, kg 8000

Max. speed, km/h:
at altitude 2120
sea level 1350
Max. Mach 2
Operational ceiling, m 17300
Limit load factor 9

Range, km:
without refueling 3000
with one refueling 5200
Takeoff run (at normal takeoff weight), m 550
Landing roll (with brake parachute), m 750


Double-seat fighter.

The Su-30MK multipurpose double-seat fighter is a modification of Su-27SK produced serially since 1999.

The fighter is designed to gain air superiority through manned and unmanned aircraft destroying by guided missiles in medium range engagements and dogfights; sea and ground targets destroying by all kinds of weapons first of all by high precision ones while individual and group operations in all weather conditions. Besides the fighter can be operated to perform aerial reconnaissance while naval and land operations as well as while flight crews training to operate the aircraft and to launch weapons. The second pilot helps to reduce the first pilot’s load while combat missions with long-range weapon application, at nights, and long flights with in-flight refueling as well.

Su-30MK has the following peculiarities:
modified weapon control system with extended capabilities to destroy ground and sea targets;
new cockpit indication system on the base of multifunctional LCD indicators;
upgraded navigation and communication system;
upgraded EW system;
great nomenclature of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapons mounted on 12 hard-points;
in-flight refueling system;
reinforced airframe and landing gear construction that allows aircraft operation with full fuel tanks and maximal combat load at takeoff weight up to 38.8 tons.

The Su-30MK weapon control system provides detection, tracking and destroying air, ground and sea targets in all weather conditions by day and night.

It comprises two basic parts:
air-to-air weapon control system consisting of sight radar system, Optoelectronic sighting system and HUD, and additional capability of the Kh-31A anti-ship missiles launch;
air-to-surface weapon control system allowing great nomenclature of high-precision weapon launch to destroy ground targets, and all sight data reflection on 4 MFD on control panels in the cockpits.

The Su-30MK radar can be operated in air-to-air and air-to-surface modes. It ensures air and ground targets detection in all weather conditions by day and night.

Optoelectronic sighting system includes optical location sighting system and helmet mounted target designator. The Su-30MK optical location sighting system represents a combination of IR-direction finder and a laser rangу finder, and it is used to detect and track air targets by its radiation in forward and back hemispheres, to range air and ground targets with the help of laser beam and to illuminate ground targets and destroy them by air-to-surface guided missiles with semi-active laser seekers.

The Su-30MK weapon comprises the GSh-301 airborne quick-fire 30-mm caliber cannon with 150 cartridge round; missiles and bombs mounted on 12 hard-points under the wing and fuselage. Air-to-air missiles include the R-27R1 (R-27ER1) guided medium-range missiles with semi-active seekers, 2 R-27Т1 (R-27EТ1) medium-range missiles with heat seekers, the RVV-AE medium range missiles with active radar seekers, the R-73E dogfight missiles with heat seekers.

The Su-30MK air-to-surface weapon comprises up to 6 Kh-31P anti-radiation missiles with passive radar seekers, up to 6 Kh-31A anti-ship missiles with active radar seekers, up to 6 Kh-29Т (Kh-29ТЕ) short-range missiles with TV-seekers or Kh-29L with semi-active laser seekers, two Kh-59МE medium-range missiles with TV-commanded seekers and up to 6 КАB-500Kr or 3 КАB-1500Kr guided bombs with TV-correlated seekers.

The Su-30MK unguided weapon can include up to 8 bombs (cluster bombs, incendiary tanks) of 500 kg caliber, up to 28 bombs of 250 kg caliber, up to 32 bombs of 100 kg caliber, and up to 80 unguided missiles of S-8 type (in four B-8М1 units), 20 S-13 rockets (in 4 B-13L units), 4 S-25-ОFМ rockets.


The Design Bureau commenced work to develop a Su-30-based plane for India’s Air Force in 1995. A.F. Barkovsky was appointed chief designer of the project. On 30th November 1996 an intergovernmental agreement was made for phased development and delivery to India of 8 Su-30K two-seat fighters and 32 Su-30MKI multi-role two-seat fighters. The planes were scheduled for delivery in several consignments, with gradual enhancement of avionics, powerplant and weapons. The general contractors, according to a government resolution, were:
– for aeroplane development: Sukhoi Design Bureau OJSC (now JSC),
– for aeroplane production: Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (IAPA, now Irkut Corporation).

Two prototypes were built by the Design Bureau in 1995-1998. The first prototype, Su-30I-1, was based on the Su-30 production version, the prototype completed in the spring of 1997. The first flight was performed by test pilot V.Yu. Averyanov on 1st July 1997. In July 1997, the Design Bureau launched a programme to test the plane jointly with SPFC of the Air Forces.

The aircraft has been in production in Irkutsk since 2000. The first pre-production plane was flight tested at the plant by V.Yu. Averyanov on 26th November 2000. The first three pre-production Su-30MKIs were handed over to the Design Bureau and have been used along with prototypes in the joint-testing programme with SPFC of Air Forces.

In accordance with the terms of the contract, the Su-30MKI planes were to be tested and delivered in 3 stages. The first delivery of 10 Su-30MKIs to the Customer took place in 2002; the second batch of 12 aeroplanes, in 2003. By 2004, the Su-30K and Su-30MKI planes had been put into service with two squadrons of India’s Air Force.

The Su-30MKI’s distinctive features:
– for the first time in the world, a production aircraft has an engine with thrust vector control (AL-31FP, developed by the RDC named after A. Lyulka), and a remote control system integrated into a single control loop. Taken together, this renders the Su-30MKI extremely manoeuvrable;
– for the first time in the Design Bureau’s history, a plane features a large-scale integration of avionics systems of foreign and domestic origin. The Su-30MKI has an “international” avionics portfolio, including as it does systems and units made by 14 foreign firms from 6 countries of the world.
– For the first time in the world, a production plane has a radar with PAA (“Bars” developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Instrumentation Technology). Moreover, the plane has a new ejection seat, the K-36D-3.5, and a number of other innovative systems of domestic origin.
– The ADO line-up has been significantly upgraded with the addition of the RVV-AYe air-to-air guided missile, Kh-29L/T/TYe, Kh-31A/P, Kh-59M air-to-ground missiles, and KAB-500 and KAB-1500 guided bombs.

The Su-30MKI programme has for the first time in Russian history showcased a new model for military-technical cooperation incorporating all types of long-term cooperation currently practised in the world such as:
– delivery of the first consignment of products in the baseline version (Su-30K),
– joint R&D to produce an upgraded version (Su-30MKI),
– granting the customer a licence to manufacture with subsequent replacement of Russian-made components with   those of foreign origin (in December 2000, a contract was signed to sell to India a licence to manufacture 140 Su-30MKI planes of the final delivery group),
– upgrading of the planes from the first deliveries to the technical status of the final delivery group,
– setting up of a joint technical service centre for aftersales maintenance of the equipment supplied,
– using the «export beachhead» to expand into the regional market (in 2003, a contract was made to supply Su-30MKM planes to Malaysia).

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