R-77 RVV-AE / AA-12 Adder

05 Jan

R-77 RVV AE / AA-12 Adder

It has an active radarhoming seeker and alike the R-27 medium-range missile it is guided to a certain point with the help of a data link. But then it uses an onboard radar to illuminate the target and steers towards it. Similar to the AIM-120 AMRAAM it gives the pilot a certain “fire and forget” capability. One more interesting detail is that it’s NATO unofficial designation is “AMRAAMski”. Missile has a range of fire in 0.5 – 150 kilometers.

The R-77 became a base for the R-77E featuring extended range and even more improved R-77M. The last mentioned is completed with a different engine and has a greater weight. Relying on official sources the R-77 has a range of fire in 200 kilometers. This missile is expected to be in service not earlier than 2007.

Recently besides Russian air forces the R-77 missile were exported and are operational in India, Malaysia and Peru.

Source: Enemy Forces

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  1. Ganyang Maling

    June 8, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Indonesia kan punya !


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