Hawk mk-53, Hawk 100/200

11 Jan

Berikut adalah foto dan spesifikasi pesawat hawk-53, hawk 100 dan 200 yang dimiliki TNI AU
Sumber: yogaz79 at Alutsista , Indoflyer dan Air force technology

hawk mk-53

hawk 200 tni au


Overall Length  11.35m
Wingspan with Missiles 9.94m
Overall Height 3.98m

Basic Empty Weight  4,450kg
Design Maximum Take-Off Weight  9,100kg

Fuel Capacity:
Internal Tanks  1,655l
External Tanks, Maximum 1,182l

Maximum Dive Speed  Mach 1.2
Maximum Level Speed 1,000km/h
Service Ceiling  13,716m
Maximum Payload  3,000kg

Engine  Rolls-Royce mk871 Adour turbofan
Maximum Static Thrust Uninstalled at Sea Level  25.5kN

Design load factors :
Maximum Structural Limit  +8g to -4g
Limits with 1,360kg Payload and 60% Internal Fuel +8g to -4g
Limits with 2,720kg Payload and 60% Internal Fuel +6g to -3g

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The Hawk family of aircraft, manufactured by BAE Systems, has been made famous by the Red Arrows Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team. Since entering service with the Royal Air Force in 1976, over 800 Hawk aircraft have been delivered and it has been exported to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Finland, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Switzerland, USA and Zimbabwe.

The Hawk has been developed in four configurations: the Hawk 50 series including the Goshawk T-45 for the US Navy; Hawk 60 series current production trainer aircraft; Hawk 100 advanced two-seat weapon systems trainer with ground attack capability; and Hawk 200 single-seat, multi-role combat aircraft

Hawk 60 series
The Hawk 60, powered by an Adour mk861 turbofan engine, provides air combat manoeuvring and weapon conversion training. It is highly spin resistant, requiring full rudder to initiate and maintain a spin and recovering in one turn after centralising the flying controls. Stall characteristics are predictable and progressive.
Low-speed handling provides the student pilot with minimal trim changes when the flaps and gear are retracted or extended. Crosswinds of up to 30kt can be accommodated on aircraft take-off or landing with or without stores. The aircraft maintains positive control in all flight manoeuvres up to Mach 1.2.

Hawk 100
Hawk 100 is an advanced two-seat weapons systems trainer with enhanced ground attack capability. The aircraft provides fighter lead-in training and navigator and weapons systems operator training.
The nose of the Hawk 100 is re-profiled to accommodate additional sensors and avionics systems, including a forward-looking infrared (FLIR). The aircraft has seven hardpoints on the wings for weapon payloads. Short-range air-to-air missiles can be mounted on the wingtip missile launchers.

Hawk 200
The Hawk 200 is a single-seat, lightweight multi-role combat aircraft for air defence and ground attack missions. On air defence missions, the Hawk 200 can attain two hours on patrol 100nm from base when fitted with underwing fuel tanks. In a close air support role, the Hawk 200 has a radius of action of over 100nm. For the interdiction role, Hawk 200 can deliver 2,000lb of ordnance at a range of nearly 300nm when fitted with external fuel tanks. The range can be extended by air-to-air refuelling.

The Hawk 200 has 11 external store points with four underwing pylons, an under-fuselage pylon, and wingtip air-to-air missile stations. The range of external stores includes air-to-air missiles, a gunpod, rocket launchers, reconnaissance pod, retarded and free-fall bombs up to 1,000lb, runway cratering, anti-personnel and light armour bombs, cluster bombs, practice bomb and rocket carriers and external fuel tanks.
The electronic warfare systems include a radar warning receiver and automatic or manually operated chaff and flare dispensers.

The Hawk 200 is equipped with a Northrop Grumman APG-66H multi-mode radar, LINS 300 ring laser gyroscope inertial navigation system, air data sensor, display processor and mission computer. The systems are interconnected by dual redundant digital bus.
The radar has ten air-to-surface and ten air-to-ground modes for navigation fixing and weapon aiming.

The pilot has a hands-on throttle and stick (HOTAS) control system and a wide-field-of-view head-up display (HUD). The pilot can select the weapons and release mode prior to initiating an attack by using the weapon control panel, which controls the stores management system.
The cockpit has a colour display, with a dedicated processor and 15-colour graphics symbology generator. 27 display formats provide flight and aircraft data.

The Hawk 200 is powered by an Adour 871 twin-spool, low bypass ratio turbofan engine from Rolls-Royce. The flexible fuel tanks are installed in the fuselage and compartmented integral tanks are located in the wings. External tanks can also be carried on the in-board under-wing pylons.


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    Cakep bgt yh hawk milik indonesia ini,,,
    biar tua tp ttp hebat mnjaga angkasa nusantara ini,,,
    hebat TNI AU,,,,

  7. Sugeng Gunadi Haryatmo

    October 16, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Hari ini tanggal 16 Oktober 2012 pesawat tempur jenis Halk 100 jatuh di pekan baru….. perbaharui lagi dong pesawat2 tempur kita…..ganti yang baru….Bravo TNI AU ayo petinggi negeri ini…perhatikan kebutuhan pengawas pertahanan udara RI dengan pesawat2 yang laik dan prima untuk menjaga NKRI…..Bravo AU RI… !!!

  8. Sugeng Gunadi Haryatmo

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    Sky Hawk 100(revisi)

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    kuberharap generasi bangsa bikin pesawat tempur sendiri

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