Mi-17 v5 HIP TNI AD

19 Jan

Berikut adalah foto dan spesifikasi dari Mi-17 v5 yang dimiliki TNI AD yang mulai beroperasi Tanggal 6 Agustus 2008:
mi-17 v5 TNI AD


Crew Three (Pilot, Navigator, Flight Mechanic)
Equipped troops 24
Passengers 36
Stretchers 12

Designer Mil Design Bureau
Kazan Helicopter Plant JSC

Fuselage length (without rotors) 18.22m
Height (without rotors) 5.70m
Fuselage width (without rotors) 2.50m
Main rotor blades 5
Tail rotor blades 3

Mi-17V5: 7,340kg
Normal take-off
Mi-17V5: 13,000kg
Max take-off
Mi-17V5: 13,000kg
Max internal payload 4,000kg
Max external payload on sling
3,000kg (Mi-17/171), or 3,000~5,000kg (Mi-17V5/V7)

Mi-17V5: 2X TV3-117VM(A), 2,200hp each

Max speed 215km/h (normal poayload); 250km/h (max payload)
Cruising speed 215km/h (normal poayload); 230km/h (max payload)
Service ceiling 6,000m (normal poayload); 4,800m (max payload),
Hover ceiling (in ground effect) 3,980m (normal payload); 1,700m (max payload)
Max range
600km (main tank only)
800km (with one internal tank)
1,160km (with two internal tanks)
1,720km (with four internal tanks)

Fixed weapon None
External hardpoints Six
Air-to-ground weapons 12.7mm machine gun pod; 57/90mm rocket launcher
Air-to-air missile TY-90

The Mi-17 helicopter, developed at the Mil Design Bureau. The designation Mi-17 is for export; the Russian armed forces called it Mi-8MT. The Mi-17 Helicopter is a medium weight, single rotor helicopter. The aircraft construction primarily incorporates the airframe of a Mi-8 with the power train of the Mi-24, which provides an increase in performance and gross weight over the basic Mi-8. The aircraft is configured with a five bladed main rotor system (70 ft diameter), and a wheeled landing gear.

The MI-17 is a multirole helicopter used to resupply CLF guerrillas or insert PSOC detachments. It can also be very heavily armed with an extensive array or rockets, misslies and guns. It is often used to air assault infantry forces to attack the point of penetration, reinforce units in contact or disrupt counterattacks. Additional missions include; attack, direct air support, electronic warfare, airborne early warning, medevac, search and rescue, and minelaying.

It is an improved development of the Mi-8. The airframe structure, transport capabilities and equipment are essentially identical with those of the Mi-8. There are some features which make it different from the Mi-8 – engine intakes have deflectors to separate solid particles in the air (sand, dust etc.) and prevent them from ingestion. The Mi-17 can be recognized because it has the tail rotor at the starboard side, instead of the port side. The Mi-17 added a number of improvements to its predecessor, including a vibration damper to increase comfort for crew members and passengers. It is equipped with an outstanding navigation and information system and state-of-the-art communication devices, which permit safe transportation of passengers even in very adverse weather conditions by day or night. The helicopter features a high thrust-to-weight ratio pair of TVZ-117MT or TVZ-117VM shaft-turbine engines with a takeoff power of 1,900 hp. The Mi-17 is capable of single-engine flight in the event of loss of power by one engine (depending on aircraft mission weight) because of an engine load sharing system. If one engine fails, the other engine’s output is automatically increased to allow continued flight.

The basic version of the Mi-17 is used for military, police and civilian purposes. It is equipped with efficient self-defence means including IR jammer. The cockpit accommodates a crew of three. The cargo hold is 5.34 m long, 2.32 m wide and 1.8 m high. There is a large sliding door forward on the portside, and a clamshell freight-loading door in the rear. The landing gear is a non-retractable tricycle type with twin-wheel nose unit. On each side of the fuselage there is a pylon for an external fuel tank with a total capacity of 1830 litres both.

mi-17 tni ad

The Mi-17 is capable of carrying cargoes in the cabin (including long cargo) with half-open or removed doors, external loads, or passengers (24 people). The Mi-17 can carry up to 30 troops and up to 20 wounded; it can also be used for in-flight unloading of special cargoes. The transport version of the MI-17 helicopter is intended to carry cargoes (loads) in the cargo compartment, including long-size cargo with partially- opened or removed cargo doors, external loads, or executives (up to 24 persons). Interior seats are removable for cargo carrying. The rear clamshell doors open, an internal winch facilitates loading of heavy freight. Floor has tiedown rings throughout. The aircraft carries a rescue hoist capable to 150 kg.

External stores are mounted on weapons racks on each side of the fuselage. The Mi-17 has six external hardpoints. The Mi-17 is provided with missiles, bombs, small arms and cannons. It carries four missile launchers of the B8V20 type, with missiles launched with the aid of an on-board PUS-31-71 electrical fire control system. The BDZ-57KRVM bomb carrier is used for the attachment of bombs up to 500kg. Not all vailable munitions are employed at one time, mission dictates weapon configuration. The helicopter carries four UPK-23-250 gun containers with GSh-23L 23mm guns and pivoted mounts (eight units). The forward and aft hemispheres are protected by PKT machine-guns with independent power supply and remote control circuits.

The helicopter may be provided with longrange communication equipment and a radar, and it can carry equipment with phased-array antennas for suppression of enemy electronic attack and air defence facilities, such as airborne radars, air defence (artillery) weapons control radars, surveillance and target detection radars and missile radar homing heads. The ECM equipment can work both in the reconnaissance and ECM modes or in the reconnaissance mode.

Source: globalsecurity , sinodefence and roni sontani


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  1. admusel

    March 13, 2011 at 8:52 am

    buy and buy more weapoons from rusia…..
    rusia is the best friend for indonesia,
    and have not EMBEL-EMBEL and good qwality

  2. eko budi wibowo

    November 17, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Dewan Pimpinan Ranting PARTAI AMANAT NASIONAL Pondok Karya Pondok Aren Tangerang Selatan Banten sangat tertarik oleh kemampuan Mi-17 v 5 rusia ini,syukur alhamdulillah skadron Mi-17 v 5 dapat mengisi kekurangan alutsista TNI.AD-PENERBAD,Kami berharap kekuatan ini dapat ditambah min.5 skanud heli Mi-17 v 5 dalam anggaran RENSTRA 2025.termasuk penambahan min.5 skanud Heli AKS sea sprite TNI.AL,pemekaran ini adalah wajar karna tugas pokok TNI bertambah berat.peliharalah HREE DARMA SANTY,Wahai saudaraku.

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